Mental Health Resources for young people and adults

With the cost of living compounding the stresses and pressures that many face over winter, supporting people to access appropriate mental health resources can make a huge difference to how people manage.

Kooth (young people) and Qwell (18+) are online Mental Health support services that are commissioned in Herefordshire. Whilst digital and online support isn’t for everyone, for some, accessing tools and resources online can be a really accessible way to get some help.

There is more information about the services and the kind of help available – including booked and drop-in chat services with trained professionals – here:

Kooth and Qwell are also delivering a series of different Webinars over the coming couple of months, showcasing how both & can support young people and adults in the localities where we provide support. There are also specialist webinars arranged for schools based on age group.

Please do take a look at the websites if you haven’t before and consider booking on to one of the Webinars if you’d like to know more about the services and how they can support people you’re working with.