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Welcome to Whitbourne

Whitbourne has a strong community spirit and plenty of opportunities to get involved, while being small enough for you to make a real difference.

And yes, Whitbourne really is in Herefordshire, even though the post says ‘Worcester’.  The county boundary crosses the A44 just east of its junction with the Linley Green/Gaines road.

WHITBOURNECOMMUNITY.ORG is your one-stop site for all those things you want or need to know, helping you stay connected to services, groups and activities in the Whitbourne community.

The site also links through to the Herefordshire Talk Community Hub to provide a safe place where people can access up to date wellbeing information and signposting to local and national resources.  The Talk Community Hub networks also connect people to services, groups and activities, either within the local area or across the county, which can help them support their own wellbeing and independence.

Herefordshire Talk Community Hub