Our aim is to provide a service that will be used by the local community to access information and signpost to the appropriate support services, agencies and local hubs. This will empower local people to gain information on local services and activities, contributing to well-being and helping to make them feel more integrated in the community.

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Please email [email protected] if you would like an event adding to the Whitbourne Community Events Calendar, giving at least a weeks notice.

Latest News

We will be setting up an online village community hub which will bring together access to all events, activities, and clubs within Whitbourne, as well as health and wellbeing information.

The aim is to create a ‘one stop shop’ through the Whitbourne Community Hub that will bring together all local information about social societies, events, religious services, shop activities, volunteering opportunities and support networks; this will be useful for existing residents and new people moving into the village. As well as the Information side, the Hub will establish social events to meet the needs of different age groups in the village to prevent social isolation and encourage the community to get together. Those activities currently being considered are a quiz night, bingo, Pickle Ball, badminton and a Festive Pantomime; these will be self-funding but will require input from ‘Hub Volunteers’ and will offer opportunities to offer the extended Community Hub services to local residents at these events.

We have already established the Whitbourne Table Tennis Club (WTTC) which meets every Monday 7pm to 9pm at Whitbourne Village Hall.